The New Kensington Bureau of Fire consists of five fire companies, an ambulance corps, and the relief organization, all organized as one department under the City Fire Chief, J. Edward Saliba.

The City of New Kensington is divided into five districts, with each company serving one primary district. The Ambulance Corps serves the greater New Kensington area. In addition to the five engine companies, some fire companies also serve the wider community with special training and equipment.

  • Company No. 1 serves the downtown district with an engine, aerial ladder truck, and light and air truck.
  • Company No. 2 is located in the “south side” of the city, in the former Borough of Parnassus, and runs an engine and heavy rescue.
  • Company No. 3 is located in the “hill district” and runs an engine.
  • Company No. 4 is in the East Kensington area and runs an engine and heavy rescue.
  • Company No. 5 is in the northern end of the city, known as Valley Heights, and runs an engine and heavy service/rehab truck. Additionally, Company No. 5 is designated as the EOC, when the EOC is activated.
  • The Ambulance Corps maintains a fleet of ambulances and a wheel chair van, as well as a multi-use boat.